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We combine the robust safety aspects of our products with a relentless dedication to design, thereby unifying strength and elegance.

Secure your Home Aesthetically

All our products are custom made, supplied in a powder coated finish and available in a wide range of colours. Materials proudly sourced in South Africa.

Our Security SHUTTER is the ultimate solution to design and safety. We are the only South African company that offers secure shutter frames in a choice of either Aluminium or Steel.

We are pleased to introduce our FIXED BLADE shutter range. Staying at the forefront of innovation, we are one of the first companies to offer this product in aluminium, as opposed to the traditional wooden panels.

Burglar bars are the traditional way to secure a window and we have been in the business of fitting them for over 20 years. SecuraWindow® has pioneered a burglar-proofing bar installation technique which requires no unsightly screws or welding, producing a clean, smooth finish.

Our security bars are suitable for installation in frames made from wood, aluminium, PVC or steel, as well as tiled surfaces


Our security door gates are custom made and produced for two different applications. The first type is a swing security gate, designed as a security barrier for doors on hinges.

The second types are either trellis gates or sliding folding gates, designed to secure sliding and stacker doors.

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